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Pop-up pictures

This week I worked with my mentor to add the pictures to the game. After a while we were able to get a picture to pop-up when the mouse ran into a person (rather than the text that would was displayed in our previous versions).


Pictures and Final Report

This week I completed all of the pictures of the facts. I will be going over them with my project mentor tomorrow, to see if they are comprehensive, and adjust them as/if necessary. This week we also wrote our final report on the project.


This week I modified the previously done pictures for the questions, and created new ones. I project to have them all complete by Monday of next week.fact4

My colleagues at Brooklyn College are preparing their poster for the research conference there. I will be attending their presentation on the fifth.

More learner friendly pictures

This week I met with my professor to discuss the game. We went over using Unity with Git. I watched a demonstration of another student updating a project. Unfortunately he explained there were other complications with updating into someone else’s repository, especially when the versions of unity are conflicting.

We also discussed the pictures in the game facts. She suggested I make the pointers and the memory addresses different, the pointers looking more uniform, less like houses, and the houses varying. I’ve been working on that for the remainder of the week.

More Fact/Question Adjustment

This week I continued working on representing our game facts/questions in a form more accessible to student learners. I consulted with my Brooklyn College colleagues. They’re not sure we’ll be able to integrate actual pictures into the pop-up windows quickly enough. This leaves us with one option: to try and shorten the questions further in simple plain-text. I’m continuing to render them as pictures, hopeful that we will be able to integrate images into the game in time. If not, integrate them eventually.

Learning friendly format

This week we worked on tweaking the game based on our user feedback from last week. One of the changes we wanted was making the pop-up facts and questions more comprehensive. The way we have it formatted currently is simple strings, which don’t explain the concepts in any other way than a direct statement. We decided to represent the facts more visually. I offered to create a set of png files that represent pointers via illustration.  The first attempts have been perhaps a bit too complicated to be displayed in a small pop-up window:level1 fact 1

Beta Testing

This week we finished our first functional, complete, and testable version of the game. There were several things to test, so we each enlisted 10 computer science friends as our beta testers. We had them each complete a pre-game survey, which asked some questions to gauge their knowledge of pointers. We sent them a link to the WebGL version of the game. Depending on the browser used there were several issues with our friends playing. Alternatively, we gave them a link to download the game from dropbox. Then we had them fill out a post-game survey with a few more questions to see if the game helped their knowledge of pointers. Then we asked for everyone’s feedback. We received many helpful responses about bugs in the game and what we can do to make it better.